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A Monday morning in Brooklyn

I went to bed early enough after reading that I was actually well rested when I woke. One of the cats was batting at my feet under the covers, gripping the sides of my toes, gentle enough that no claws dug in.

I jumped into my jeans and sweater to walk with my spouse to the bagel shop, since we’re out of yogurt for his usual morning breakfast. We’re also out of milk, so many of my home coffee preparations were out. This way I get a few extra minutes to say hello since I’ve been drowsy all morning.

We hold hands and regret not wearing sunglasses. It’s bright and a crossing guard helps caution us as we skitter across the end of our busy block. Two dogs are walking the street with a woman who is chatting to them, one speckled part dalmatian.

We part ways just before my café of choice. We stop in front of a vacant store front for a long kiss and so I can wish a positive happy week since...

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Why Now?

It’s a little hard to say. Why ever?

I’ll be the first to admit it’s strange being a young, married woman online.

For a long time I said that I didn’t need a blog because I didn’t have anything original to add to discourse. If I say something, at least it’s new, if not original. There’s still lots of merit to something new.

Other spaces have seemed a little small, showy, biting, consuming. I write things all the time, but not in a very rewarding, relieving, revealing way. This is still framed in the idea of reacting to something. It assumes my thoughts are responsive.

I hope that this will feel different for me. No pressure. Reflecting on anything I like. Giving my mind some space to breathe.

My life, as I’m sure yours is, has been really frenetic the last three years. I haven’t stopped to catch a breath until this past autumn. The air filling me up is still searing, hard, fresh...

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